White Cover 2nd Edition Coming 01/30/2019

White Cover 2nd Edition Coming 01/30/2019

Track #6 "Cracked Out" by Master of Ceremony

Track #6 "Cracked Out" by Master of Ceremony


“Did you hear what little sis said
(Crack is the word)
I looked and shook my head and said
You mess with crack it better be while I'm dead
Cause if I ever catch you, I'll punch you in your head
(All my friends do it)
I'm sure your friends are broke
I kicked it plain and simple, that coke and smoke is no joke”

Summer youth paid $3.35 an hour x 35 hours = 117.25 and when your meals and housing is taken care of that Summer Youth paycheck in 86' was big money in my innocent street knowledge worldview. Us group home kids were in a scholarship program that matched our savings 100%; it's one of those programs that I didn't take full advantage of, group home kids tend not to see the opportunities that are in front of them, self-esteem plays a significant role in determintion.

"Why must I feel like that?

Why must I chase the crack?

It's nothing but the bug in me."

Dobbs Ferry a quiet Westchester Town it kept us safe and perhaps myself ignorant to the Crack Epidemic of the mid-80s, still haven't figured out the meaning of "White Lines," just grasped the "don't do it" line and I was the comic book nerd uncool for the other guys in my group home. Summer Youth was uncool for them, while I took a bus to work at a daycare in Hastings, Derek, and Louis took their asses to Yonkers to make money, Louis was too stupid for his Summer job of selling crack in Yonkers, Derek excelled, trumping my paycheck by a wide gap. Our staff in Children's Village group home didn't understand how Derek can make more money than them, Derek had the latest sneakers, boomboxes, and may have hooked one of the staff members, I didn't feel bad, I think we all were indifferent to the Crack Epidemic.

(Explain to me, what in the world is crack)

"Crack? Let me see

It's something that keeps your heart pumping

Taken from blow and then turns into something

It's the type of drug that'll have you hooked

And the side-effects of crack are always overlooked

(I wanna try it though, ak)

C'mon negro stop

(Cause you can buy it)

Where at?

(Well right around our block)

(But that's ok)

Yeah, but why did you say?

(Man I wouldn't smoke crack jack anyway)"

I took money from Derek to do his chores; I didn't have the understanding that Crack was destroying it's intended target, Black People, the epidemic we don't revisit today, it's like it didn't happen. Hip Hop has glorified drug dealing as a last resort or justification to "feed my daughter," I always found the excuses to be underwhelming vs. the destruction of a race of people. Crack cocaine was the drug for the generation before me; my age group thought to survive selling drugs was the gateway out and mobilization to wealth during the era of greed.

"Yo I got the jumbos

(Yo can I get one on credit?)

No shorts homeboy you might as well forget it

(But I'm starving, G)

Yo that's not my problem, B

(Well bust this, upstairs I got a Sony TV)

(How many cracks can I get?)

Yo I'll give you four

(Four! Nineteen inch Sony man, throw me one more)

Aight you got it, no joke it better not be broke

(Well yo troop it's brand new with a funky remote)"

Cracked Out by Master of Ceremony is an underrated message song that didn't glorify drugs, in fact, a warning; unfortunately, our communities tend to dance to the beat and listen to the words, some of us are wise enough to see the traps of free-flowing poisons and create art to alert others.

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