Chronicle Date: 06/05/2016 Blog Essay Wanted

Life of a Bastard is interested in the life narrative of those who have been in foster care, were adopted, or had a hard childhood upbringing. We want nonfiction in the form of essay, narrative, short story, blog, or poetry. It is to be published on the blog and website for Life of a Bastard. All legal notices regarding submissions are posted on our social media pages and website for reference. We want you to tell us your experience in an innovative and creative fashion that will open the discussion on the child care system even wider.  Submission are welcome by email to or check out our Facebook page

Please make sure you story has dates. You may submit one photo to reference you as the author. All submissions will be carefully considered for publication. We will choose four per publishing period. Those chosen for submission will be paid $25 by pay pal for your submission.

Jennifer Buck Editor for the Life of a Bastard Chronicles