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Created my artist page on Amazon easy work as I market my book Life of a Bastard and wait for those reviews to come in (scary).

Now for a question I received in an email about if "Life of a Bastard Vol. 1"  is appropriate for "Young Adults." Now I don't want to make a rant about the cuddling we do with "Young Adults" or how we overly protect "Young Adults" from offensive content, but we give real adult prison time to YA.  I can answer that question this way, Javier'sreal experience is happening to him who is a child, and it is told from his point of view,  of course, there is colorful language that might not be considered PC today.  Also, Javier goes into detail about sexual abuse and adolescent sexual behaviors.   Entering foster care doesn't happen to adults it happens to children who quickly have to put their childhood aside and survive the "system," and you don't have to be in foster care to relate to dysfunction or overwhelming terror that adults inflict on "YOUNG ADULTS." Or the aftermath once you are an adult and have come to terms with the traumas of childhood.

When I was young, I first watched and later read "Stand by Me" ( The Body) rated R today it would be PG-13. This movie just spoke to me about friendships, the last summer when my friends and I played together, of course, we didn't find a body but the struggle of coming to terms that we will be in High School coming that autumn. Knowing that some of your friends are heading to sell drugs (the crack boom), moving to different schools, their home life is not going to improve anytime soon. Your friend's daddy will still make late night visits in their bedroom and make light of horrible things and later cry alone about these not so funny things.  A real movie to relate and I hope that Life of a Bastard is relatable to Young Adults and Adults.


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