Chronicle Date 7/7/2017: Book Release/Trailer

Life of a Bastard Book Series Vol. 1
“A Coming of Age Story in New York City’s Foster Care System”

Book Series by Damien Black
Illustrations by Laura Caiafa

5 x 7 paperback - white
ISBN 9781634924443
Pub. Date 08/15/2017

The ‘Life of a Bastard’ series tells the true story of Javier Soto’s soul-stirring journey as a child in foster care. Born into a hostile 1980s’ American society, Javier endures starvation, neglect, and physical abuse, leaving him in an inescapable darkness. This haunting account, told in Javier’s voice, captures the emotional transformation of an innocent child as he scrambles for survival in a world of betrayal, separation and an appalling lack of compassion.

Book Trailer