Life of a Bastard 2017-2018 (Happy New Year)


Dreams come true when you participate, and 2017 Life of a Bastard Book Series was released in paperback and ebook.It has been a learning experience with some of my rookie mistakes, and quality feedbacks and reviews have guided my next step with this series. Turning old journals into a readable book was not done alone but with the help of others and the inspiration from my friends and everyday people.Create anything put it out there you do open yourself up to criticism and sometimes downright dislike, grow from that! 



Non-Fiction is not easy because there will be disagreements of events with someone screaming libel as they pick and choose what to be outraged about without reading everything and not judging it within the context, to them I say "keep reading." Volume 2 will be released in 2018 (new copy editor and proofreaders this time). Working on Life of a Bastard Vol. 1 audiobook ( learning the process ) and the Spanish version both will come out before vol.2 ( still an open job).


Life is good; I am lucky I get to share "Life of a Bastard," and others share their creations with me. Pick up Dandelions by Jennifer Buck ( 5 Stars ) 

Create in 2018!