Chronicle Dates 10/5-10/7/2017

What a Wonderful Three Days!

Thank you for coming to my table and picking up Life of a Bastard Vo1.  Making friends these past three days was the highlight of this event.  Shanghai Comic Con was my first public event surrounded by amazing artists and writers, a truly humbling experience. I hope that you enjoy reading a "coming of age" story of Javier Soto and come back for volume 2.

I will keep you updated when theVol. 1 version comes out in Spanish and Chinese. Mostly likely volume 2 will be released fall/winter 2018.
Special thanks to Jim for getting me to Shanghai, Candy for your assistance on the postcards, Sonia for the shirts, Kathy Mao for the moral support, and Kimberly for allowing me to host a table.

Thanks to Phillip, Egg Chen, Yana, Javier, Michelle, Carrie, Jacky, Caroline, Magnificent Bastard, Zovi, Jon, Renee Hill, Murtaza, Mike Loh, Studio Denka, and the cosplayers that posed with my book.

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