Chronicle Date 12/3/2016: Perspective

The other day two of my Chinese colleagues commented that I always seem to be happy and not under pressure. I replied that it's about having perspective. Life was hard when I was younger and lost,  so once you figure out your life, and what is worth today it gets easier to live.  We all have pressure; I like pressure, and when I have hard days I don't complain because right now these are the best days of my life. I am relativity safe living aboard, but I hold no illusion that this is forever and it's okay to suffer in silence why burden the world with my nonsense. I take the time out to brood and have deep thoughts alone. There is a time to be cold and to be warm with people, events, and the world around me. I want to be in control of myself emotionally and mentally I can not control everyday events just my reactions.

What I am controlling is the process of publishing my book "Life of a Bastard."  Editing has been a long process because you don't want just to release junk. When I first came to China, my goal was to work and have time to edit Life of a Bastard which I hadn't titled until 2015.  I am a big picture person, so I needed a good copy editor to make sense of Javier's story because sometimes I can overlook small details. One book turned into two books with art by Laura Caiafa


Self Publishing will take time thanks to my friend Stephanie she posted great advice on her website to support her book (Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand ) on how to publish and promote your book. In these times I believe we need more writers and artist to share their works independently. Even our website editor Jennifer is working on her book.

Life of a Bastard will also be published in Spanish; we hope to have it all release by March 2017 because I want to have new goals perhaps, podcast from China.


Coming March 2017

Coming March 2017

We are shopping around for self-publishing companies contact us via email or follow us on Twitter @LifeofaBastard1