White Cover 2nd Edition Coming 01/30/2019

White Cover 2nd Edition Coming 01/30/2019

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Life of a Bastard

by Damien Black

“My memories from this period are often nebulous. They bend and warp like clouds caught between two fronts. A lot of terrible things happened to me that I try not to remember, but I was a child, I was innocent, and I used to be happy sometimes. ”-Javier Soto

The story & preview

"Born in Spanish Harlem in 1972 to a teenage Puerto Rican mother and a black father, Javier Soto is a blemish on the face of American society.  After a suspicious fire allegedly set by his mother, while his father serves time in prison, Javier and his sisters are removed from their home into foster care. This true story of Javier Soto’s life takes you on the soul-stirring journey of a young boy in the custody of a brutal world."
Illustrations by Laura Caiafa
"Life of a Bastard Vol.1 is an emotional, moving, poignant tale that needs to be read by everybody."-RED HEADED BOOK LOVER BLOG

"I immediately fell in love with this story about this little child called Javier and his journey through the Foster care network."- Silvia Useros

"The book is easy to read and to understand. The content flows naturally with stats and facts solidifying the author’s claim and by honoring his promise to Javier, the book takes on an emotional side which also provokes the reader’s mind into feeling for the situation at hand" - Happy Booker

Life of a Bastard Vol. 1 published by Booklocker
ISBN: 978-1-63492-444-3
Available on Amazon, Kindle and other online retailers.



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Jan. 2019

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