Life of a Bastard Book Series

Book Series by Damien Black

Illustrations by Laura Caiafa

The story & preview

Born in Spanish Harlem in 1972 to a teenage Puerto Rican mother and a black father, Javier Soto is a blemish on the face of American society.  After a suspicious fire allegedly set by his mother, while his father serves time in prison, Javier and his sisters are removed from their home into foster care. This true story of Javier Soto’s life takes you on the soul-stirring journey of a young boy in the custody of a brutal world.
Beginning at the Catholic Home Bureau, Javier’s tale depicts the evolution of an innocent child into an enraged teenager as he battles his way through the perils of abuse, starvation and neglect. Like thousands of American children who are driven into the foster care network Javier and his siblings are repeatedly shuffled through numerous foster homes, each one less welcoming than the last. Following eventual separation from his sisters, Javier is left to continue his crusade of survival alone.

An indelible account that tells of a boy’s anguish, self-loathing and an unsatisfied yearning for love that is the birthright of every child. With such little grounds for hope, how far will Javier go?

Life of a Bastard Vol. 1 published by Booklocker
ISBN: 978-1-63492-444-3
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