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Goldilocks Lives in Leamington: and other tales of university life by Geetanjali Mukherjee

“International students often have more pressure not to fail, to not indulge in the more careless activities like drinking until you get sick, food habits are often unhealthy compared to their home cooking, Geetanjali touches on these topics along with the dating scene and politics of university life.”

A Bastard's Indie Book Review: Expat Thoughts and Dark Chains (Podcast)

A Bastard's Indie Book Review: Expat Thoughts and Dark Chains

It's been a long time, but here we go! Quick thoughts about Kavanaugh, being Trump Free, and not turning back.


Before A Bastard's Indie Review of Dark Chains by LaTasha "Tacha B" Braxton, a chapter reading of this memoir. Hopefully, I can find more time to upload new podcast episodes and interviews.

When the Eye Sees Itself by Eric Borgerson

“A future not far from one we can fathom, "When the Eye Sees Itself" by Eric Borgerson is told in futuristic possibilities, powerful technologies, imaginative and sophisticated storytelling, characters with interesting back stories and psychology sometimes shifting from one genre into another keeping the reader committed to know if there will be cataclysmic ending. Admire the fantastic cover and turn the page.”