Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Authentic Myths & Mysteries (Soul*Sparks) by Steven McFadden


“It is necessary that the behavior of human beings all over the world has to change; the life of the Planet Earth is the responsibility of all and that is why the invitation from the Indigenous people is for everyone, to help save human life, save the planet thus inheriting a healthy future to the new generations.”

5 Stars: Prophecy of Love

For this reading and review, I needed to open my mind and my heart to understand prophecies  and myths I never heard of, what's the meaning when it comes to the world stage and how does it apply to the condition of "Mother Earth."  Often those who talk of saving the earth in mass media come off condescending  and accusatory which ends up falling on deaf ears, why is the message of peace and cherishing our planet seems not to resonate urgently, maybe the message is complicated and gets muddled in politics to the point of feeling off-putting. Reading the wisdom of indigenous or natives or first nation people can be a trope, but there is something there, something simplistic, something genuine coming from a place of love for "Mother Earth." Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Authentic Myths & Mysteries by Steven McFadden masterfully journalizes messages of peace and respect for the Earth collecting different perspectives from indigenous elders, north, center, and south.

The Whirling Rainbow's vision stated best by (Chapter 5) Sam Thomas ( in Seminole language his name is Caocoohee) about united people of the four sacred colors, "when all pathways are respected by all cultures, the prophecy of the whirling rainbow will be realized.  Simple message the words "sacred colors" and "rainbow" breaths togetherness setting aside hate, violence, greed, and the disregard for "Mother Earth." I look at other prophecies growing up one in particular "Revelations" it has always felt sinister, and cruel not sure how "Revelations" follows kinds words of love by Jesus, the message of revelations is not a motivation to address the conditions of this planet. There is something to be said of First Nation elders, and it's people and all the evils they experienced that they still love the Earth and even want to teach us “In the spiritual way of life there is no room for hate, no room for jealousy, no room for greed. You must have love in your heart, and you must have patience; then you can follow the spiritual way. This is what we know. This is what we say." (Chapter 7)

Not going to say you are going to walk away spiritually awaked after reading Tales of the Whirling Rainbow ( 60 pages take the time to read ). But if you open this book you have begun a journey of listening to a message of love; it's getting people to the table to at least have a conversation of loving all people and respecting our Mother Earth not pointing figures because it hasn't gotten us anywhere.

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