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Jake, Lucid Dreamer by David J. Naiman

With the loss of a parent I can imagine being devastating for any child, the challenges for Jake in “Jake, Lucid Dreamer by David J. Naiman seems overwhelming for any middle schooler, but Jake is an impressive resilient young man navigating life four years after his mother’s death. David J. Naiman writes vivid dreams and imageries that rounds out the story for enjoyable reading.

Colossal Chaos from Out of the Blue by Stache Publishing

Stache Publishing returns to A Bastard's Indie Book Reviews ( check out my review of GUNPOWDER WITCH by Jordan Williams  ) with a comic anthology series featuring some talented artists and writers with "Colossal Chaos from Out of the Blue", 26 strange tales in all with plenty of imaginative short stories and impressive illustrations for collectors of up and coming publications putting out great independent books.

When the Eye Sees Itself by Eric Borgerson

“A future not far from one we can fathom, "When the Eye Sees Itself" by Eric Borgerson is told in futuristic possibilities, powerful technologies, imaginative and sophisticated storytelling, characters with interesting back stories and psychology sometimes shifting from one genre into another keeping the reader committed to know if there will be cataclysmic ending. Admire the fantastic cover and turn the page.”

A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose by James Miller

“To say James Miller is playing "gods" by offering his version of the ten commandments, this is the kind of thinking that keeps us from finding new perspectives to push us to be better humans; the writer provokes us not because he is on a soapbox because he generally cares about the human condition.”