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A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose by James Miller

“To say James Miller is playing "gods" by offering his version of the ten commandments, this is the kind of thinking that keeps us from finding new perspectives to push us to be better humans; the writer provokes us not because he is on a soapbox because he generally cares about the human condition.”

Some Picnic! by Ian Robinson ( with little help from Athena)

“Here's to living well or a reader's chance to know lifestyles beyond their borders in Some Picnic! by Ian Robinson. In the very remote places of South Africa, Ian and his supportive wife Athena takes us on a journey of fine dining, starting a business, the do's and don'ts of gourmet picnics, delicious recipes, cultural experience with the people of KwaZulu-Natal, and the art of living well.”