The Most Basic Chinese - All You Need to Know to Get By by James McGlasson


“Have/ has yǒu [yo] e.g. Yǒu gōng bǎo jī dīng ma? –Do you have Kung Pao chicken?”

4 Stars: 谢谢老师

I understand the culture in China, dating taboos, and pitfalls, the concept losing face and the initial culture shock that one will endure in China. After six years in China, I haven't managed to move beyond beginners level, I could chalk it up to being busy but who's not busy with life. I am on and off again with learning, but this week I said to myself to study online or on an app and keep  "The Most Basic Chinese - All You Need to Know to Get By" by James McGlasson on my Kindle when it comes in handy for the essential need to communicate with a Chinese person or for shopping.  

This book is excellent for that plane ride to China or as a supplementary guide to restaurant ordering, daily routine conversations, numbers are significant when shopping around or bargaining. "The Most Basic Chinese" is as good as advertised. Chinese tones and audio links are including in this book, so I wish people would revisit their earlier reviews because the Tones are included in this edition. So now I have a book that I could use to jump-start my learning of Chinese, sometimes you need that extra push to get back into studying, and also I need to have more conversations with people to practice and not be such a homebody.

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