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Something's Happening Here: A Memoir of the 60s by Dennis Hicks

“As Gen Xers, we grew up with the consistency of being bombarded by things of yesteryears directly influencing our culture with a mixed feeling of admiration (civil rights, music, anti-war ) and disdain (the 70s, 80s greed, and more war) for "baby boomers." Gen Xers are the disrespected middle child caught between the world made by the baby boomers and the world inherently for millennials ( not a diss on Gen Y or Gen Z ). For a Gen Xer like me, I am still fascinated with 60s culture and movements, furthering my awe by reading "Something's Happening Here: A Memoir of the 60s" by Dennis Hicks, perhaps the most personal glimpse of innocence lost and heartfully written books about "baby boomers."

A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose by James Miller

“To say James Miller is playing "gods" by offering his version of the ten commandments, this is the kind of thinking that keeps us from finding new perspectives to push us to be better humans; the writer provokes us not because he is on a soapbox because he generally cares about the human condition.”