Our Legendary Ladies Presents Harriet Tubman by Megan Callea


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Our Legendary Ladies Presents Harriet Tubman by Megan Callea ( Book Version) 

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5 Stars: Slave, Spy, Moses

Our Legendary Ladies Presents Harriet Tubman by Megan Callea and illustrated by Jennifer Howard right from the start a glowing cover to a children's book about a legendary woman. Growing up in the 80s and learning nonsensical history from my teachers, I knew in my heart there were Black heroes. I didn't learn about "Harriet Tubman the Moses of Black Runway Slaves" until I discovered Public Enemy and I ventured into my past and asked that critical question, who am I?

In “Our Legendary Lady Presents Harriet Tubman,” author Megan Callea perfectly short story and awesomely illustrated by Jennifer Howard making the pages simple for children to grasp as you should allow them to talk about what they see in these pictures of this fierce spy risking life for freedom. As a father to a son who is part Black, Hispanic, and Asian (we live in China), and I am making sure he is getting all that can get from his Chinese roots, but how do I introduce his Black or Hispanic roots which I believe are essential? Harriet Tubman is perfect for lessons of courage and leaving a mark on the world no matter how you started out; this book should be used as an example of creating stories for children about our past and its heroes.

As a tester I had my student read Our Legendary Lady Presents Harriet Tubman and write a review. Thomas is an ESL student studying in Zhenjiang, and he is getting into learning more, and Harriet Tubman is new to him, but I wanted to get his thoughts.

Harriet Tubman - A Name in Freedom
By Thomas 陈一凡 (ESL Student)

"In fact, Harriet Tubman is a savior.A savior is her job, but she is willing to do this.From her birth, life was hard, and she knew what she had to do, get free and help others.

When she grew up, Harriet Tubman found a chance and ran for freedom.I think she is fearless when she saw her liberty.
Also, not only she ran for herself she ran for others taking them via underground railroad from America to Canada.

Finally, the government started to offer a reward for her, but they couldn't stop her. She fought until slavery was abolished, becoming her people's Moses.

It was easy for me to read because I am learning English and I like the art, but I think the book was too short."

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Our Legendary Ladies Presents Harriet Tubman by Megan Callea ( Book Version)

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