Some Picnic! by Ian Robinson ( with little help from Athena)


4 Stars: Horizon Gourmet Picnics of KwaZulu-Natal

Here's to living well or a reader's chance to know lifestyles beyond their borders in Some Picnic! by Ian Robinson. In the very remote places of South Africa, Ian and his supportive wife Athena takes us on a journey of fine dining, starting a business, the do's and don'ts of gourmet picnics, delicious recipes, cultural experience with the people of KwaZulu-Natal, and the art of living well.

Ian Robinson is a man with a plan life experience allows Ian to write a fountain of information that one could take and apply it if they are inclined to open a business. Chapters on dealing with banks and loans, wholesale, the going rate on buying handmade picnic baskets from a group of local woman, and marketing, I walked away with a brief education and dream of opening up my cozy cafe in China. I must say I want the same determination as Ian Robinson and hopefully also have a smart wife like Athena, within the pages of business talk Ian manages to write words of love for Athena, and paragraphs of living good which is not an accessible or attainable goal for everyone, but worth the attempt. Ian takes us briefly to his childhood and being a money saver having this lesson on saving money in a piggy bank is an example of good discipline for children shaping them to be successful when they are older. Ian and Athena Robinson's Horizons Gourmet Picnics is a family affair with their children helping out again giving valuable life lessons to children sets them up to find the sweet life. The good nature outlook of Ian and planning does pay off for him, but it is not a book on living vicariously ( you can), but we too can take what he knows and go for it.

Ian touches on some history of South Africa and the beauty. I wish he would have expanded on it more but in fairness, authors show us what they want and if I want to know more, get myself on a plane and see the beauty of South Africa and eat all of the gourmet food so lovely written in this book.

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Hannibal Barca: The Lion of Carthage by Peachill Publishing


“With his ferocious scar covering one eye and blood smeared and dripping from the rest of his face, Hannibal was now a warrior. “Yes, Father,” he replied.”

5 Stars: Hannibal the General not the Cannibal

Hannibal Barca is one those military generals that I can't get enough of and when I am alerted to a new source of information I want to read or listen to another perspective of this great General and the city of Carthage.  

Hannibal Barca: The Lion of Carthage by Peachill Publishing ( a collection of writers ) is a book I would file under  "historical action novel" while sitting on the high-speed train traveling from Beijing to Zhenjiang engross in the pages of war and honor of a man taking on the much romanticize Roman Empire. After each chapter, I stop and reflect the action written so well, written without being dry and long-winded. Hannibal Barca pride himself in defense of Carthage and understood what it took to defeat Rome. Some titles are given, and some are earned the title of "The Lion of Carthage" is a  heavy burden for a son of an overshadowing general within these pages of this book the title of "Lion" is well deserved.  In the mist of battles, Hannibal rallies his man to be honorable and defeat Rome, “Hannibal raised his sword and rushed back toward the front lines, yelling as he went. “To the river, men! Send them floating back to Rome!”

Far removed we are from history and understanding the sheer madness of the criminal empire of Rome. We know the actual ending of Carthage. The eventuality of Carthage being lost forever due to Roman's campaign of total salt the Earth destruction but just as the Celt's legendary tales that mystify us in asking how did they win the battles against the "Roman Might" or in Hannibal's case crossing the Alps in harsh conditions.  Hannibal's crazy outside the box thinking establishes that Africa had great generals who believe in defending their home.

With Peachill Publishing outstanding work on Hannibal Barca: The Lion of Carthage someone needs to base a screenplay from this source and make an epic movie. I would love to take my son "Hannibal"  and say "look at this movie of this heroic man, I named you after him and not the cannibal people assume."

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