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A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose by James Miller


“I vividly remember sitting in my parents’ driveway, fondling my father’s pistol and contemplating the best way to end my pain. I was nineteen years old, and I absolutely hated myself. I felt like a social outcast and had no idea who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and certainly no idea what truly mattered.”

5 Stars: Truth Bearer

I won't say that "A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose" by James Miller won't offend your faith. But if you are a person that seeks knowledge or subscribed to the notion that we need to challenge our beliefs and optics because of most of us believe in whatever because we have been brainwashed since birth to have faith in things that don't hold water, read this book NOW! We should sit down and think about the layers of the nonsense that divides us, within this book you can take apart the layers as James Miller writes with clarity and substance, a guide to breaking the chains that bind us to our ignorance.

To say James Miller is playing "gods" by offering his version of the ten commandments, this is the kind of thinking that keeps us from finding new perspectives to push us to be better humans; the writer provokes us not because he is on a soapbox because he generally cares about the human condition.

“The type of love I’m speaking of is platonic and given with no expectations. This type of love is selfless, not transactional. And the true wonder and beauty of this type of love is that if you expect nothing, then everything given you will truly be a blessing."

There is more to this quote I found profound and perhaps reshaping my anger into understanding and changing my attitude towards my disappointment in people in this toxic political environment into a question, "what am I doing to make myself better?"

I am entering a phase in life that everything I know is suspect and I seek answers as I take another step into middle age. Ignorance is no longer affordable or logical show me a well-written book like "A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With, and on Purpose," so I can grow. I highly recommended this book, James Miller will evoke feelings and encouragements of self-reflection.