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Principles Lost in the Cleavage of Angels and Demons by Dilland Doe


“No bro!" Dadafer suddenly stands. "I literally have the devil on my ass! The leader of all hell, Satan himself, Lucifer the fallen angel.”

5 Stars: Jiggling, Bouncing, with Some Glow

“Her massive fun bags press against him, and her wet, warm tongue licks up and down his cheeks, covering them in saliva.”

I put that quote first, so you know what kind of book "Principles Lost in the Cleavage of Angels and Demons" by Dilland Doe is. X rated and perfectly juvenile the sort of book that my friends and I would have hidden under our beds back in high school. We follow our protagonist Keanu in a post-apocalyptic future with demons, angels, lizards, poop, large breast, and of course Keanu's libido, and I kept worrying if Keanu's horniness would impede his crusade to save humanity.

Plenty of violence and sex nothing is held back, but the style of writing is action pack, and witty I recognize the artistic value in Dilland Doe's over the top storytelling. I picked up some of the themes of good vs. evil in this absurd fantasy of hell, heaven, and dimensions. Plenty of politically incorrect characters but the plight of the Lizard people and their beef with God even though they're so disgusting was a smart way of discussing the purpose of God's creations and how we view ourselves. The in-jokes are a plus discovery especially the hero and the sex slave, can't spoil instead it's for you to find and be amused by it.

I won't file "Principles Lost in the Cleavage of Angels and Demons" as an erotic tale because Dilland Doe didn't labor over the sexacape, his entertaining descriptions of some wild demon and lizard sex resulted in me finding myself laughing, not getting wood. This genre of a post-apocalyptic future craves for a much needed new twist and settings, Dilland Doe is proficient to inject new life in fantasy storytelling.