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Inevitable Ascension (Inevitable Ascension #1) by V.K. McAllister


5 Stars:  Life in Eden

Rapid fire delivery is what I describe husband and wife duo Andrew & Sasha McAllister's Sci-Fi novel Inevitable Ascension (Inevitable Ascension #1). Dystopian novels grow on trees; I tend to skip them but give me characters that I can invest my reading time, with a world that is tough as nails, also I need characters that I can connect with, the duo team of Andrew & Sasha delivered a YA Fantasy book with enough of everything.

Inevitable Ascension embarks on the adventures of Violina and Lux. Witty banter, a heist, eccentric pop up characters, weapons, political intrigue, and just enough world-building of "Eden" that doesn't slow down the reading with unnecessary information, a hook into the world of Eden will bring back the reader for more adventures. Inevitable Ascension plays with the theme of humanity's true self of greed, violence, the relationship with nature, and the will to survive. Violina and Lux face a mission to save "Eden" from the second sun exploding, a heavy burden but Violina and Lux make a great pair to face this end game. Andrew & Sasha know how to handle the plot device of time travel to fit their novel, well balanced in their storytelling.

Andrew & Sasha McAllister's book is a solid YA Fantasy book maybe they will grow this series and see it's potential or perhaps a graphic novel. Violina and Lux are well written enough to help us immerse ourselves in this steampunk world.