3Essays on Imagereality by Scott Navicky


5 Stars: Obsession with Imagereality

Lately, I have been focusing on my perspective, how do I perceive art, photographs, entertainment, social movements, and looking for fulfillment in my isolated self-imposed exile from America. 3Essays on Imagereality by Scott Navicky caught my attention, to push myself in reading something I would have passed by, but I get drowned in Science Fiction request that when something that will drive my intellect, I now take that risk of regretting time spending in reading something outside my comfort zone. Scott Navicky pushed me to better my perspective with his witty writing, structure, as I kept pondering my interpretations of art, have I been dismissive at times in not seeing their true meaning? Nick writes "to be forever chasing means never to experience fulfillment; Understanding imagereality means understanding how to find fulfillment in unfulfillment." 3Essays on Imagereality has me wanting to forever be on the chase of appreciating art and life.

3Essays on Imagereality is greatly served by following the thoughts and philosophy of Ghost "chasing" Imagereality, an overthinker that gives the book essential layers for the reader to deconstruct going from Nietzche to pop culture references, and witty musing on the offbeats of life. Ghost is out their perceiving images, making connections in meaning from his perspective, perspective isn't right or wrong; we often confused that with purpose when it comes to art. I don't perceive Ghost as a failure, boozehound maybe but Ghost's obsession with imagereality makes him a scholar that is worth reading.

Scott Navicky had my brain go into overtime, highlighting parts of the book I need to read up on, I will add 3Essays on Imagereality paperback to my collection. It is an amusing and witty 5 Star outing for Scott.

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