The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers by Scott Spotson


“It was an undercover project for bioweapons, spearheaded by Cpt. Matthew Chambers, now an infamous household name associated with an emerging national scandal—Biogate, as dubbed by the media. Such a project would violate a worldwide ban—signed years ago by the United States—against biotechnological warfare.”

4 Stars: It's a Rabbit with a Gas Mask, Sold!

When I started "A Bastard's Indie Book Reviews" I might have overwhelmed myself with accepting too many request or genres that I am not a big reader of but this is my website I control that, and it's not only for me read to get better at my art but to read for pleasure. My last review Life II by Scott Spotson I still have fond memories and thoughts of Time Travel, chatting to people who couldn't care less. Scott Spotson is back on my review page I just finished his book "The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers," yes it's strange, satirical, and mind-bending. Scott gave me a choice which of his books I like to read, I judged the cover of The "Strange Life of Brandon Chambers" a rabbit with a gas mask. I didn't bother reading the blurb; I wanted to guess the story and imagine why is that rabbit wearing a gas mask? I am coming to believe that book covers matter.

Scott Spotson mixes in a thriller, a coming of age story, a conspiracy plot in the life of Brandon Chambers. Ten-year-old Brandon's life changes forever after a bioweapons explosion, Brandon's parents are left to blame and moments later presumed dead. What I liked about reading this book is Brandon's understandable rage and rebelling to cope. I felt for Brandon as he gets into pretty crimes and drugs, how do you deal with the death of your parents and being forced to become a ward and live with a jerk military lifer? The best part of Scott's book is the coming of age of Brandon, as he searches for the truth and deals with hallucinations, cleverly taking a path to understanding the human brain. Brandon's has his detractors to impede his quest, but you will root for the truth in the age of conspiracies.

The girlfriend and Brandon's temporary hardnose guardian are stand out supporting characters. While the hallucinations and story rollercoaster journey is enjoyable I felt this book drag at times, Scott does capture the innocence that was lost and the teenage rebellion of Brandon masterfully, it is the best parts of this book, outstanding! Adding Scott Spotson (Bridge Through Time ) again to my Fall reading list, summer is booked up.

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