The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy: Parenting in the Real World by Roger McEwan


“Marriage that ends without someone dying, of natural causes that is, is often branded a failure but I think that’s wrong. My marriage didn’t fail, it simply”“didn’t last. Rose and I aren’t failures, we are successful, older and wiser parents and adults”

5 Stars:  Communication the Key to Life

I was expecting to read "The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy: Parenting in the Real World by Roger McEwan" within a few days but I caught myself reading a few chapters over and over because of the wealth of information resonated with me because I am also sharing the duties of raising a child under two roofs. I often feel lost in what to do or say when I don't agree with how my child behaves or the childish tactics that both parents display because we want to be right and never wrong.  Roger McEwan insight and advice has opened my eyes to some of the things that I can improve when it comes to communication; it can be a little tough at times because  Americans and Chinese have different views and approaches when it comes to child rearing.

For a child to have their parents not to be together under the same roof, it has to be stressful for the child, and I have often put my feelings first not because I am selfish is that I lacked the understanding of being a single father or what a single mother has to go through. There is this excerpt that hit home for me “I think many people forget a fundamental fact about relationships: two of the people involved in every separation are adults. If you’re blaming your ex for your problems then you’re acting like a child; you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution. Adults sort out problems. Children name-call, slam doors, threaten, throw tantrums, storm off, don’t speak to you and generally try to be as obnoxious as they can until they get their way. If your own behaviour has any of those elements then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.” As I was reading this paragraph, I thought about incidents when  I displayed negative behavior that made things worst, so it was important to me to keep on reading Roger's guide to communicating with the ex or better yet the mother of my child. The key that Roger stresses is both parents having a solid foundation of communication that will alleviate a lot of the drama.

"The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy: Parenting in the Real World" covers issues like fashion for your kids, having the right nanny (my son Hannibal has an excellent nanny), staying fit, and the dating world for single dads. With each chapter, I look forward to Roger's reflections, and I listed my observations about the chapter and how I can use these valuable insights as a father.

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