Kings Of This World by Peter Bailey


“Jeremy stopped and pointed at a middle-aged man with olive skin and an enormously fat belly. "Look at this guy. That's not a tan, it's jaundice. Judging by his beer belly, he must have been quite a drinker so his kidneys were already in a bad state. The dehydration is just the last straw.”

4 Stars: You Be Illin'

Sometimes I feel that world has gone completely stupid when I wake up and read my morning news, it is a momentary overreaction, and thus I begin my day and repeat the same reaction the next morning. For "Kings Of This World" by Peter Bailey I am taken to a post-apocalyptic world like a zombie outbreak, but instead of zombies looking to eat brains, human beings have become stupid (which would be worst?). The thought of encountering a person that functions on animal-like instincts taking "dumps" on the streets, having sex in public, murdering each other for the smallest reasons and add an alien conspiracy allowed me to take that leap as a reader that typically doesn't read Sci-Fi novels.

Peter Bailey takes a few chapters with introducing Matthew and all things falling apart; it kept me feeling unbalance not sure what is going, but it is well written enough to follow along. Peter handles writing touchy subject matter and horror with his innovative style and finds a way to fit other characters into the story that doesn't feel too clunky. Matthew seems all alone until he meets Jeremy who's mind is still there maybe not his sense of right or wrong or maturity, but he is smart making their relationship a right balance of convenience. For Matthew and Jeremy not knowing each other before the "stupid outbreak" brings tension adding an important dynamic to "Kings Of This World" ( I would have punch Jeremy many times ).

"Kings Of This World" for me not being an avid reader of Sci-Fi, and not wanting to read so much technobabble is an enjoyable read. A little long at times, but Peter Bailey makes it up with humor, easy to follow plot turns, and the highlight is the relationship of Matthew and Jeremy allowing you to ponder the idea of being forced to work with someone you may not like to survive the end of the world.

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