First Look Through the Window: A Journey of Self-Discovery by Roxanne Collins


"In order to solve conflicts or problems, it is important to start from a place of love. It is important to follow the best interest of the other. When help is asked for, it is essential we offer it unconditioned, without waiting for something in return."

5 Stars: The Gift of Wisdom

Another perspective (Self-Help) and another moment of having my mind open up to the whys of life in less than a week. "First Look Through the Window: A Journey of Self-Discovery by Roxanne Collins" opens up the gates to know who you are. I felt before I read this book at 46 I know who I am but not why I am the way I am, what lingers from my past that molds the way I look at myself?

Roxanne's compassionate writing gives us a guide to the stages of life; I come from a generation that was parented by adults who experienced stress to the point of addiction, abandonment of parental duties, and thus creating a vicious cycle. I always felt my generation had no real identity but being consumers to cope with "scars and traumas" which influences our personalities and identities. But it's not enough to just discover the stages of life, and how it has made you, owning your life takes reflection and courage, and in every chapter, Roxanne provides the wisdom of psychology that one must highlight for later reading or reminder when things are terrible and new.

"First Look Through the Window: A Journey of Self-Discovery" works because there is a warmth in Roxanne's writing and insight that will leave you feeling empowered, we live in times of people waking up, but more critical self-discovery can give us an idea on breaking the cycle to be a better human being.

P.S. I gifted this to a friend because I see the struggle and I hope that she becomes more empower and start believing in herself.

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