Say Goodbye to Anger: How not to want to punch them in the face by Ondrej Hrdy


“Whatever you think people are holding back from you give it to them. Praise, love, appreciation, care, anything. Oh, you don't have it? Just act as if you have it, and it will naturally come on your way.”

5 Stars: Anger Perspectives

In 2017 my reaction to the first year of the Trump presidency was encased in rage follow by just accepting the outcome and looking forward to 2018 in not being angry about the stupidity of American politics.  As an expat living in China, I can detach myself even more from the daily follies and sitcom reality of America. Living in China brings many situations that one can get easily angry and get lost in being miserable.

When people talk about Self-Help, it is usually negative; we live in the times that we reject ideas that we didn't think of or the belief that knowledge is elitist.  I prefer to call self-help books "perspectives," "Say Goodbye to Anger: How not to want to punch them in the face" by Ondrej Hrdy has given me another perspective on dealing with anger.  Expats often make a mistake of comparing their countries norms to where they decided to reinvent themselves and when those standards are challenge anger ensues, escalating to disrespect and resentment towards their host country.  The six years I have lived in China, I have seen  "the anger" time and time again in person or comment sections on Chinese websites, I merely think just leave China.  So you decided to move to another country? Say Goodbye to Anger is a quick read that will help you with anger that will come from being culture shocked along with dealing with irritations, annoyances and impatience problems that comes from living in a fast pace city to moving to a slow pace city.

There were a few times this week that my anger was getting the best of me, so I turned to the techniques that are simple but effective. I never tried meditation but "Say Goodbye to Anger," made it so simple that I felt in control of my emotions like I said I need perspective. I may have lots of experiences, and I don't go around punching people in the faces but feeling like you want to makes you bitter.  (Let It Go)

This book is well structured, easy to follow and much to ponder why we get angry and how to deal with it.  We need simple reminders even if we feel we know it all. 

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