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As I am working on the Spanish version of Life of a Bastard Vol. 1 ("La vida de un bastardo Vol.1" ) and hopefully I can get it out by Summer 2018, I recently added a new section to my Life of a Bastard's website; A Bastard's Reviews.

To keep my mind into writing and being bored by American politics which I used to like to read and comment on it just too stupid for words, less anger in 2018. What can I write about and learn from; "A Bastard's Reviews" where I review books that are submitted by indie authors and give an honest look at their hard work.  Spring Festival in China ( my home ) can be uneventful if you don't travel but a good time to read and relax.
A Bastard's Reviews

My TBR for Feb/March
Feb/March TBR
1) Say Goodbye to Anger: How not to want to punch them in the face by Ondrej Hrdy
2) First Look Through the Window: A Journey of Self-Discovery by Roxanne Collins  
3)  Life After America: A memoir about the wild and crazy 1960s by Joseph Mark Glazner
4)  Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Authentic Myths & Mysteries (Soul*Sparks) by Steven McFadden
5)  Kings Of This World by Peter Bailey ( TBR by Sci-Fi Guru David  "Magnificent Bastard" Ramirez)
6) The Addition Nobody Talked About by Joshua Shea
7) U.S. Taxes For Worldly Americans: The Traveling Expat's Guide to Living, Working, and Staying Tax Compliant Abroad by
Olivier Wagner

Some of these are short reads, but I think Feb/March is all booked up
Questions about submitting books see A Bastard's Review Policy

After Spring Festival things get into high gear with Life of a Bastard book events in China and working on vol. 2 (Late 2018). If you are in China ( Beijing, Suzhou, and Chengdu ) check out Bookworm for live events and book events http://beijingbookworm.com/

Read and support indie books and writers.
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