Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand (OhlalaLand stories Book 1) by Stephanie Batailler


“Was little Stephanie really living in a different world? Was she seeing things that others weren’t? The girl fiercely claimed that she wasn’t and got proof of it on her seventh birthday.”


Q: What inspired Life of a Bastard and A Bastard's Reviews?

A: Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand

5 Buttons: Inspired to Write

Stephanie takes us to fantasy backstory in France with witty humor and great imaginary. A young child that is inspired by the gift of reading which leads her to view the world unconventionally but like for most creative souls society and family tend to misunderstand children that color outside the lines, I think sometimes it's just soul-crushing.

As Stephanie ventures into Ohlalaland Studios, the writer manages to weave a story within a story where our hero Stephanie is doing her best to pitch a story about "Jimmy Buttons" to a monstrous gatekeeper, with today's socially inept sensibility. A perfect short story that makes you champion for our story's hero

So many times in America we settle on a job we don't want. Those lies that we are told never to stop dreaming that you can be anything you want, but in reality, society creates so many roadblocks and often the gatekeepers are sitting on mount high.It's people like Stephanie that shows us to keep pushing to find the creative less travel road.


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