Imitatore by A. Rose


"The Society had been around for a long time, they hid in the shadows longer than they would have liked to. It was time for the world to change, they just needed everyone else to see their vision the same way they did. "

5 Stars: Young, Gifted, and Supernatural

Imitatore by A. Rose, I am not a big reader of Fantasy or Science Fiction, but this is an extraordinary story of Black characters that are well written to the point that the description of them being Black is just incidental because writers mostly identify their characters by experiences and ideas. A welcome attempt to add color to a genre that is usually homogeneous with the usual token wise Black characters advising the heroes to move the plot forward.

Set all of that aside you have young woman name Sophie born with "powers," for Sophie, she is not your everyday supernatural beings she has the fortune of being born with more than one power. As for the collective of these supernatural people, they can have powers ranging from pryokinesis to shapeshifting. A. Rose takes her time in revealing this world as she dutifully focuses on shaping Sophie as a character so that she can be a convincing window to this imaginative world.  A coming of age story or a commentary on entering womanhood aided by the conflicts of accepting a society that enslaves humans and being part of the status quo. Along the way, Sophie is being shaped by her interactions and eagerness to seek the unknown ( Mortal Forest ) ), Sophie takes that hero's  journey in the battle of good vs. evil.

A plus for the slow reveals of this world so I can get to know Sophie and envision her in my mind, her struggles and her wants. Tight editing, A. Rose's  words are used to paint a world that is fresh and much needed in this genre.




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