Behind the Scene


Behind the scene of "Life of a Bastard."

Behind the scene of "Life of a Bastard."
There are editing issues that I overlooked; I am determined going forward that I will be more careful in the process. Continuity, for the most part, flows. It was a daunting task of putting together journals, social worker sessions, and one on one therapy notes without adding hindsight to create a timeline for Javier's journey.

The Story
While it does take place in foster care and Javier's interactions with abusive people, for me it is a coming of age story rather than a referendum on the foster care system but a look at a child that as a few roads to follow. Those roads may or may not lead him to a dark path of destruction. So many have been here before some of the worst human beings start out as victims trying to balance and make sense of the world, what is right and what is wrong and then they make a choice. Javier doesn't always strike because it's out of self-defense but striking by choosing wrong over right. Javier was placed in 17 different foster homes and institutions; I avoided including all of them because it takes away from the theme of a coming of age story, I rather focus on Javier's growth as a human being and if he can overcome repeating history and just becoming a number.

Language and Vulgarity
The language is what it was if we can talk about the past we can sure use the language of that time. I would hate to see a movie about slavery all while the slave master refers to them in a PC way, that takes away from the attitude, attitude equals treatment of others. Javier to others is a thing, case number, a family court docket, and many times a check to cash. And Javier saw others as a thing, refer to them in a vulgar matter, he lack the maturity to think things out before opening his mouth, that is called being a youth. Hypersexuality was a reality for Javier and his peers and many times this was the only expression of love they understood, the only thing they had to offer others to get "love".

I hope you can enjoy "Life of a Bastard Vol. 1" and stay with the series, contact me if you like to have a chat.

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