A Father's Letter to a Bastard By Javier



“I did not know or had any idea of your situation. If I had known I would have come to your aid; Unfortunately, I was incarcerated.” 

It was jarring to receive a letter from my father it only took him two months to read Life of a Bastard, and he did have a response to the book.

When we are part of someone's story, we hope to be portrayed in a good light or scorn the portrayal, we want hindsight and to attach our side to that story. Life of a Bastard Book series is not a journalism piece to capture all parties. It's a real coming of age story told from my point from that voice I had at that time.  Parents of foster care kids often want to downplay their part that led their child to enter foster care.  An absent parent doesn't want to hear the horrors their child faced without them. Without understanding the scars and the conflicts of their child they honestly never get to know them. So I will respond to my father here inserting excerpts from his letter without getting into the events of volume 2.

“I did not know or had any idea of your situation. If I had known I would have come to your aid; Unfortunately, I was incarcerated.” 

Plenty of times that he could have inquired about my well being from social workers or myself not once was there a question. How can one say if I had known I would have come to your aid and in the next line admit to being "incarcerated." that logic doesn't work even if he had known what could he had done? I restate this is a coming of age story no need for what if or I wish I did this or did that.

“I finished reading your book, and a lot of things you mention in your book was offensive to me. One thing I need to clarify, I'm not a rapist.”

Without getting into more details and how he (22 years old )  courted a teenage girl (14)  fresh from a mental institution in 1970 and how they loved each other and went to the movies. He needs to reflect what he wrote because it is insane.  No, he is not a rapist there was “consensual sex”,but he is standing on shaking grounds.

“Listen you don't have to continue to carry the pain, hurt, and suffering from the past  [insert a bible quote  ]”

We are our past; we are the lessons we take away from them. The scars will always be there we shouldn't shy away from them.I am made better for owning my pain and suffering and molding them into my state of happiness. I knew the world was cold and bleak when I was five, but I also knew that it is better to have hope and walk towards the light and never give up. As for Life of a Bastard, I share to the world with all its ugliness and hopefulness; it's not to settle scores but to tell a coming of age story all too hidden in America. Inspire others to write their story and let the readers get to know a mischievous boy named Javier and what will happen to him, where does he go? Is there a happy ending to all of his misadventures.

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